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What’s Happening in the Garden

garden happenings-17

I am very happy with the progress of the garden this year.  Year 5 of vegetable gardening is shaping up to be the best year yet and it feels good to get a little better at this endeavor.  I am harvesting zucchini, cucumbers, sweet peppers, radishes, herbs, chard, kale (lots of kale), lettuce, and other […]

Dodging Hail in the Garden

Friday night brought a new sort of nemesis to the garden.  It happened quick and it ended just as fast but not without doing its fair share of damage. Hail came hurling towards the garden with no warning (or none that we heard).  The tiny pebble sized balls of ice began accumulating in the garden […]

Plugging away in the Vegetable Garden

plugging away in the garden radish-1

It seems like my garden progress has slowed to a crawl in the last few weeks.  Since my vacation planting marathon that saw us get most of the garden planted, I have let the last few planting and mulching chores drag on.  It is a busy time of year especially for Em whose photography season […]

Garden Under Attack

garden attack-8

Of course, I spent so much time worrying about the groundhog that I was little late picking up on the army of bugs attacking the garden.  I have never had significant pest damage in years past but this year is off to an awful start.  I have found Cucumber Beetles, Potato Beetles, Squash bugs, Slugs, […]

Brownie’s in the Garden

brownie scouts-17

The dedicated Brownie Scout Troop #1574 came to our humble little garden this week.  It was a win for everyone as they got to earn their gardening badges while I enjoyed free labor!  We had a blast talking about the garden, planting, harvesting, and enjoying the fruits (or in this case vegetables) of our harvest. […]