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Deep Dish Pizza

deep dish pizza-14

I have at times been accused of being too creative on pizza nights.  For every one success like Potato Pizza there have been a few disasters like the sauerkraut pizza debacle of 2014.   Who would have thought kids wouldn’t like fermented cabbage and hot peppers on pizza? For awhile now I have been getting “Can you […]

Cheeseburger Pizza

In keeping with my theme of cheeseburger related dinners, I give you Cheeseburger Pizza.  Apparently my main goal is to create different ways of consuming cheeseburgers.  I think I do this because I always get such a wonderful reaction from my little maniacs. So far this winter we have made Cheeseburgers Sandwiches, Cheeseburger Pie, and finally […]

Chicken Pickle Pizza

Chicken Pickle Pizza night was recipe #3 from my Farmers Market Chicken. This is a really delicious, really quick pizza to make for pizza night because I didn’t have to cook any of the pizza toppings first like with Potato Pizza.  I love pickles on pizza.  It is only something I recently discovered, in the […]