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Lobster Rolls

My hands down favorite way to enjoy Maine Lobster is to make Lobster Rolls.  Made at home Lobster Rolls are easy and perfect to celebrate the 4th with (I am getting a head start).  My plan is to use my frozen blanched lobster and see how it stands up taste and texture wise against my […]

Maine Lobster


There isn’t another food I can think of that I enjoy cooking as much as Maine Lobster.  I guess it is lucky I live in Maine!  Unfortunately, I am in the minority in our house.  Having the kids fall in love with lobster is a high priority of mine. I view it as nearly a […]

American BBQ

american bbq-11

With Memorial Day weekend here I am excited to do some grilling.  When I think of an old fashioned American BBQ I am thinking of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and possibly adult beverages!   Nothing too fancy, just a relaxing afternoon at the grill.  The kind of meal where even […]

Baked Ham

There is no dinner I love more then Baked Ham.  The smell of ham cooking immediately reminds me of big Sunday dinners at my gram’s old farmhouse as a kid (and an adult).  We even ate those dinners off the same plates you see in these pictures – Thanks for the plates Gram!  In my mind […]