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Steak and Egg Salad

steak and egg salad-7

The first time I heard of “Minute Steaks” was at the farmers market last year.  I saw a sign for them and having never heard of them I asked “What are minute steaks?” to which I was answered “Steaks that take a minute to cook.”  I should have seen that coming and I bought them […]


Since I re-taught myself how to grow sprouts I have been struggling to keep up with recipes to utilize them in. My favorite so far I named the Sproutlette.  It is a Sprout and Sauerkraut omelette.  It would make the perfect breakfast for me if I ever had time to make breakfast.  It is actually […]

Sunshine Juice

We are finally having some sunny days – the snow is melting – our spirits are lifting.  I finally got my seed started indoors (more on that in coming weeks) and I wanted to come up with an equally uplifting juice blend.  Sunshine juice fits the bill. With the change in season I am feeling […]

Pepperoni Omelet

The Pepperoni Omelet is something I have been making for 20 years or so.  It has sentimental value to me (as well as Pepperoni) which makes it great!  When I was a kid growing up I had a friend on the street who was like a big brother to me who used to make these. […]