About us



We are the McIntosh family.  We live in the wonderful State of Maine in my childhood home on a 1/4 acre in town lot.  Despite the small space to work with, we have challenged ourselves to produce as much of our own food as possible.  Then once we produce it I have to cook it! My wife Emily is an amazing photographer specializing in weddings and families.  For a number of years Em was allowed no where near the kitchen, but now a days she can bake up a pretty tasty banana bread.  My name is Jeff and I enjoy learning things the hard way.  I am just beginning my adventures as an vegetable gardener.  In these few years since I started I have made learning the worst ways to grow tomatoes look easy!


We have three great kids, affectionately referred to as the “maniacs”. Norah is 8, Spencer is 4, and Alice working towards her 1st birthday.  Our oldest “kid” is our dog Lexy. She is an nine year old springer spaniel that still doesn’t understand why no one sets a place for her at the dinner table.


We started our website bloggingwithapples.com as a creative outlet for us as we learn how to grow our own food, cook homemade food, and improve our home.  If you are looking for expert advice on gardening or cooking we might not be the best people to ask.  We are professional amateurs at this, but our hope is that we can inspire others through our successes and our failures.


Thank you for reading!